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Annoyed to death that Twitter have swapped the column order round on their site so the content is on the right, I’ve made an extension for Chrome that fixes it.

Here’s how to do it.

Make a folder somewhere, and inside it create a file called “manifest.json”. Put this inside it:

	"name": "Fix Twitter Columns Order"
	, "version": "0.1"
	, "description": "Switches the Twitter columns around so content is on the left"
	, "content_scripts": [
			"matches": ["https://twitter.com/*", "http://twitter.com/*"]
			, "css": ["style.css"]

Then create a file called “style.css” and put this inside it:

	float: left !important;

	float: right !important;

And there we go!

Goto Chrome -> Tools -> Extensions.

Tick “Developer Mode”, then click “Load unpacked extension” and navigate to the folder you created the json and css in.

Done! You can download the source here.

February 9, 2012

Thank you.

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